Welcome to Revolution Project Ltd. 

We work with business executives and employees to help them better manage stress, build resilience and perform optimally.
— David, Co-founder @ Revolution Project Ltd.

Welcome to our website and we hope you enjoy the information and the content that you'll find here. 

We work primarily in the Corporate / Workplace Wellness industry and are specialists in stress management and performance. 

Both Co-founders David Quinn and Treasa Spragg are passionate about wellness and performance having dedicated much of their lives to understanding:

  • How people can recognise stressors in their lives and build practices that will limit the harmful effects on the body and mind of unchecked stress
  • What are the points of reference people must pay attention to in order to feel truly alive, energetic and empowered to take on the modern world
  • Which steps must be taken to provide the internal reserves in order to perform closer to their true potential in their personal and professional lives. 

Revolution Project Ltd's use various technologies to understand where each individual we work with currently stand in terms of wellbeing. This provides data which serves as a baseline for action and to track improvements achieved over time. 

Our core services feature education, coaching and accountability to ensure that our clients take the actions that are required to get the results they are seeking. 

We work with our clients on various aspects of wellness and performance including: 

  • Rest and recovery (including sleep)
  • Healthy eating and supplementation
  • Movement for wellbeing and fitness 
  • Stress management (including mindfulness)


Our core services currently include:


If you are interested in working with a socially responsible business, you'll be happy to learn that Revolution Project Ltd. works with various charities and social enterprises including Nourish the Children to use our influence to make the world that bit better.