Our Contribution

Making a difference

Here at Revolution Project Ltd, we are all about helping people.

It's what drives us in our core business, helping people be their best selves for all their different roles in life and in business.

We also believe in helping others who are in a less fortunate position in life in our local communities, nationwide and around the world. 

It is this desire to help ourselves and others that gets us out of bed in the morning.

The key to life is not accumulation. It is contribution.
— Stephen R. Covey

From a very early stage of start up, we knew we wanted to be a socially-conscious business. So at that stage we made a commitment that, no matter what, we would donate a percentage of our business revenue to various social enterprises doing great things to help others around the world.

Our ultimate plan is to work with a triad of social enterprises or charities: one at home in Ireland, one working with refugees and one in Africa.


Partnership with Nourish the Children

Children in Malawi eating "VitaMeal" while attending school

Children in Malawi eating "VitaMeal" while attending school

Revolution Project Ltd have partnered with Nourish the Children. Nourish the Children is a social enterprise based in the USA. Scientists at Pharmanex, a leading nutrition company, have worked long and hard in the development of a highly nutritious meal called "VitaMeal". 

VitaMeal contains all the vitamins, minerals and macronutrients required for the healthy development of a child. 

Nourish the Children partners with the United Nations "Feed the Children" programme which distributes the life saving formula to children, facing starvation, all around the world.

To date, Nourish the Children, via its donors and contributors, have distributed more than 500 million meals. 

So if you'd like to help out with this great project, we invite you to make a donation using the button below. 

Meet the Kids


Meet Jay-r

Meet Jay-r

Jay-R was born with a backbone problem, which caused him to stand improperly. While Jay-R’s parents had to spend much of their time working on their small family farm, they soon realised they needed to focus full-time on his care.  The parents struggled to meet his nutritional needs and worried about their son’s weight loss.  Working with Nourish the Children initiative charity partner, Feed the Children, Jay-R joined a VitaMeal feeding program and gained nearly four pounds in three months.



Meet Emma

Meet Emma

Christine Dallakian, an Armenian mother received assistance through the Nourish the Children initiative. When her husband passed away in 2009, she was left alone to care for Emma. In May, Christine heard about VitaMeal and Nourish the Children and knew she needed to find out more about the opportunity to properly nourish little Emma. The Dallakians are two of hundreds who received assistance in Armenia and were nourished thanks to the donations from people all over the world. 



Alternatively, you could join us and become a Nourish the Children Ambassador, helping to spread the word out among your network about this great project. What better way to leave a positive legacy on the world?