Our Guiding Principles

What Guides Us

Revolution Project Ltd is a business built on strong beliefs. Part of the revolution is a paradigm shift. For years health and wellness was simply viewed as sick or not sick. It was an after thought, a luxury, something down the pecking order. Revolution Project Ltd enthusiastically promotes a new paradigm, one which puts wellness and vitality front and centre, with a desire that we live long and well not for a short period of time and sick! Lengthening our healthspan, increasing our happiness and retaining our mobility and abilities are the aims.

Our mission


To educate, inform and inspire others with regard to their health and wellbeing by promoting the need for people to: move daily, nourish themselves correctly, learn to recover more effectively during sleep and better manage the stress and pressures of daily life. 

Our Vision


To be a thought leader in Workplace Wellness by speaking with a unique voice, delivering programmes that work and providing outstanding customer service. We aspire to partner with forward-thinking companies who value employee engagement, wellness and contentment. 





Taking care of all aspects of one's health and wellbeing, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual is of utmost importance and leads to happiness and contentment.


People are at the heart of everything Revolution Project Ltd does. This includes our team, customers and those we help through the charities we partner with. 


Taking action to improves the lives at others in the community, in Ireland and abroad is important to Revolution Project Ltd.