Welcome to Revolution Project Ltd! It's so nice to have you here because the work that Revolution Project Ltd does is all about you.

We’re on a drive to make the world a healthier, happier and more balanced place for you to live and work in.

Revolution Project Ltd was co-founded by a pair of friends, both returning from stints in different emirates in the UAE - Treasa (Treas) Spragg and David (Dave) Quinn and both with experience in the fitness and wellness world. Over many pots of tea, their belief that people who were becoming increasingly unhappy and dissatisfied with themselves, blindly following the latest fads and trends being spouted by magazines and on Insta, needed to “revolve” how they viewed their bodies and their health. Thus, Revolution Project Ltd was born, containing both the “evolution” of thinking and revolving previously-held thoughts which no longer serve people.

After some time, Dave decided to return to his first profession - teaching the next generation - and Treas went solo. The company then pivoted and evolved somewhat in its offerings but Treas remains grateful for having had such a fun and important co-founder for the early days of Revolution Project Ltd.

Whilst the primary focus is on helping people to have optimal sleep, Treas is also passionate about getting people to #movemore. She gives a big thumbs up to the scientific research which concluded that moving in a way you actually like and enjoy is better for you and for that reason, music is a bit part of the fitness classes she teaches herself, primarily Zumba(r) and the HITT programme STRONG by Zumba tm. Teaching groups with differing needs and abilities is a huge source of joy for her and keeps her constantly grateful.


Why is the company’s social media handle @letusrevolt and not something to do with Revolution Project Ltd? To be perfectly honest, all the permutations of Revolution Project were already taken! But the idea of revolting against a set of paradigms that no longer serve but hurt people is no bad idea either!