Welcome to Revolution Project Ltd! It's so nice to have you here because the work that Revolution Project Ltd. does is all about you. However, it's likely that you'd like to know more about the company. 

We’re on a drive to make the world a healthier, happier and more balanced place for you to live and work in.
— Treas and Dave of Revolution Project Ltd.

Revolution Project Ltd. is run by the dynamic duo:

  • Treasa (Treas) Spragg and
  • David (Dave) Quinn.

Treas and Dave met in Dublin in 2015 and it wasn't long until they struck up a friendship and over the course of many a chat with coffee, it was clear that their thoughts, beliefs and values were aligned in many ways. 

Dave and Treasa of Revolution Project Ltd. 

Dave and Treasa of Revolution Project Ltd. 

Treas and Dave had independently spent years working abroad in the wellness industry in various countries. This time helped them build an understanding of the needs and wants of different demographics regarding their health and wellness. In working with individuals, fitness centres, sporting organisations, international schools and large corporations, with all age groups and physical abilities, it became apparent that people face many challenges in becoming their healthiest and happiest selves.

The shared interests of Treas and Dave, alongside the education and professional experiences they had led them to deduce that to be at your best it is important to choose the right foods and beverages, exercise regularly, learn how to get sufficient rest and recovery and build practices to better mitigate the negative effects of stress on the body and mind. 

A joint venture, soon to be Revolution Project Ltd. was born. It did, however, take some time for Treas and Dave to figure out the best manner in which to help people be at their best. 

With time, it became apparent that it would be in working with other businesses that Revolution Project Ltd. would best be able to achieve its mission. 

Now, Revolution Project Ltd. work with businesses to help executives and employees better manage stress, build resilience and boost job performance. 

Why the name Revolution Project

Revolution Project

Why this name?

A revolution of a wheel suggests that it is turning or moving in a circular fashion until it does a complete rotation. While eating healthy natural foods, engaging in regular physical activity (in the form of hard manual labour) and talking and laughing with others over a meal where activities at the top of ones list of valued activities in the past, they have fallen out of fashion in the modern "always on" world.

The results have been huge physiological and psychological stress on people.  Revolution Project Ltd. is about helping people rediscover the power that lies in taking these simple activities more seriously. By putting them at the top of the list of daily activities in importance, people can draw on a limitless supply of energy and enthusiasm, of health and vitality that will give them the reserves to be at their best as a person, in theie relationships and in their job performance. Hence, a "revolution".  

As for @letusrevolt as the company's social media handle? To be perfectly honest, all the permutations of Revolution Project were already taken! But the idea of revolting against a set of paradigms that are no longer serve but hurt people is no bad idea either!