Welcome to Revolution Project Ltd. 

No matter what changes you want to make in your life, everything, every single thing, is easier once you prioritise your sleep.
— Treas, Chief Happiness Officer @ Revolution Project Ltd.

If you’ve come here to find out more about the company, about Treasa Spragg, about RPL’s approach to sleep or movement and you were expecting a glitzy-glam website, I can recommend other websites that which astoud you with their fabulousness and slickness but this isn’t one of those. Nope, Treas is SO zen about the tech side and so sure that the people who need her will find her anyway, that she’s not too enthusiastic or urgent about updating and informing me, her website, with the all-important info before events happen or even after they’ve passed! Until she figures out how to link pages on the landing page, please pop over to “services” to learn more and please drop her a line if there isn’t enough information there to satisfy your curiosity!

Don’t others offer engaging and informative Sleep Optimisation workshops too? Where Treas differs is in her fascination with neuroplasticity and sense of wonder about the human body. She makes sense of the complex and often too mind-boggling neuroscience, conveys the vital and life-changing information in amusing ways which are instantly memorable and which are therefore easier for attendees to implement in their daily lives. Treas brings a sense of calm and kindness to too-busy people and brings people back to themselves.


If you are interested in working with a socially responsible business, you'll be happy to learn that Revolution Project Ltd. works with various charities and social enterprises including Nourish the Children to use our influence to make the world that bit better.  

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