Irish businesses lose €1.5 billion a year due to staff absences because of illness. This translates to the equivalent of a direct cost of €818 per person nationwide a year.
— The Irish Times (2014)

There is a growing interest among businesses in workplace wellness. On one level this boils down to it being a wise investment. There are a host of positive benefits for companies that invest in wisely crafted workplace wellness programmes such as:

  • Reduced staff absenteeism
  • Reduced staff presenteeism
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Increased staff morale 
  • Improved team spirit

In addition, forward-thinking companies are also aware of how such investments help them to retain talented staff and recruit the best of the best.  

However, some companies still remain skeptical because they are not fully sure how to implement effective, results-orientated wellness programmes. In many case, companies have invested in talks, seminars and workshops in the past but they didn't yield the results they were looking for. 

Revolution Project Ltd. understand this concern and has built its philosophy and its offerings with this in mind. 

As such, Revolution Project Ltd. employ various technologies that provide data on the individual employee level. While providing a stimulus for the employee to take action, this also enables employees to get individualised feedback and coaching. Measures taken also provide a benchmark on which improvements can be compared. 

Revolution Project Ltd. want our clients to get tangible, measurable results and will work with companies to help employees better manage stress, build resilience and boost job performance. 

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