Lifestyle Assessments

Lifestyle Assessments

Group and Individual 

Revolution Project Ltd's Advanced Lifestyle Assessments help employers create successful wellness, resilience and performance programmes for their teams. 

Workplace wellness starts with the individual. Advanced Lifestyle Assessments are a complete health and wellness check that reveals the link between lifestyle and performance. With personalised stress and recovery profiles employees learn how to manage stress, feel more energetic and focused at work. The professional feedback motivates each employee to make changes for the better.

Professional report and activity tracking app

Professional report and activity tracking app


Participants wear the Bodyguard for 3 - 5 days and the professional report that is then generated enables the participant with the help of a Wellness and Performance Coach to:

Better Manage Stress

  • Stressed employees are less effective and make more mistakes
  • Identify consuming factors in personal life and work that cause stress and burnout
  • 85% of employees coached feel more effective with the help of Advanced Lifestyle Assessment

Recovery Optimally

  • Understand how to recover better. As a result employees arrive to work energised and focused
  • Reportedly reduces sick leaves (up to 30%)

Exercise Right

  • Find the optimal level of exercise for each employee. As a result they will be more stress resilient and productive.
  • Proven to motivate employees to start and keep exercising. 


Advanced lifestyle assessments typically involve:

Introductory info meeting for the individual / group being assessed.

Measurement of daily activity with Bodyguard heart rate variability device and a personal mobile diary for seeing the impact of daily choices.

Personal report and feedback from a Wellness and Performance Coach which motivates and engages each employee.

Anonymous group report for an employer – See the results and changes in stress levels, recovery and physical activity. Obtain feedback and recommendations for getting the most out of your employee investments.