Revolution Project Ltd. currently offer three different programmes:

  1. Executive Peak Performance
  2. Vital. Employees. 
  3. My Transformation

If there is something else that you need, please get in contact and we can discuss that further. 

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Executive Peak Performance

Be at your best daily

Duration - Bi/monthly for as long as required

Being our flagship one-to-one wellness and performance coaching programme, EPP matches an executive with a Wellness and Performance Coach from Revolution Project Ltd. 

This programme is recurring bi/monthly whereby the client takes a bi/monthly 3 to 5 day Advanced Lifestyle Assessment (with the option of other assessments). The results are then used by both parties to help the client:

  1. Understand the factors that affect the client's wellness at home and at work
  2. Find a balance between doing and being active versus rest and recovery
  3. Control stress, recover better, find the right type and duration of exercise and/or choose the right foods and drinks 

With the outcome that the client will feel stronger, more resilient and will perform at their highest potential. 

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Vital. Employees.

Supporting healthy, cohesive and engaged teams

 Duration – Monthly for 3 or more months

Vital. Employees. is a 3+ month long programme designed to help employees build healthier habits, better manage stress and to perform at their potential across all areas of their lives. 

Meetings occur monthly with a Wellness and Performance Coach from Revolution Project Ltd. where practical insights and tips are shared with the clients across four key content areas:

  1. Healthy eating, wise beverage selection and supplementation
  2. How to ensure exercise is fun, social and remains consistent
  3. The importance of adequate rest, recovery and how to sleep at your best
  4. How to better manage stress at home and at work

Participants are encouraged to take action in one or two areas of personal concern, based on the content and discussions each month to ensure they can get results without feeling overwhelmed. 

To promote engagement, foster some healthy competition among employees and as a means for employees to measure their progress, antioxidant measures (via the Biophotonic Scanner - see Technologies section) will be taken on each visit. 

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My Transformation

Transform your body and mind by learning how to eat and move for your needs

Duration – Weekly for 8 to 10 weeks

Total Transformation is a fun and effective programme designed to promote transformation (fat loss, toning, enhanced energy and vitality and a better mood). The programme is 8 to 10 weeks long, with a weekly meeting and a degree of online support which is focused on helping clients learn how to exercise and eat for their own unique needs. 

This programme is custom built with the client to ensure that it best meets the participants' needs and is mindful of their work schedule and commitments.  

Antioxidant measures are taken on 3 different occasions (beginning, middle and end of the programme) to show the participants the positive effect on their interval health that their new choices and positive actions are having.